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The Excel add-in that will save you - SOS Click

One click - save to many places

The problem: You saved your Excel spreadsheet on your computer and now the file has become corrupted because of a system error, or is no longer available because it was deleted by mistake or got encrypted due to a Ransomware attack on your computer and you don't have any backup copies left

The solution: Instead of saving only once to a single location, save to many in one click with SOS Click add-in. Save to several local folders on your computer, separate hard drives, USB storage drives (pen drives), mapped network drives, save directly to your favorite cloud provider like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox and of course to one or more email addresses of your choice - all in one click and without writing complicated VBA macro code. Each copy becomes a backup you can trust in case anything goes wrong

SOS Click* - Save as like never before with one click

*Word and PowerPoint are also supported


Locations where to save, auto save an other settings - SOS Click for Excel main window

A recently-discovered flaw in Office 365 could let an attacker encrypt all of your files on the cloud Learn how SOS Click can help you mitigate this attack and recover from it

Support, cooperation, doing business - contact SOS Click

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