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Security on Office 365 is getting cloudy - Read on

Rain Cloud

A recently-discovered flaw in the Microsoft Office 365 service could allow an unauthorized attacker encrypt files on both SharePoint and OneDrive services. According to a report by TechRadar, the flaw works by modifying the AutoSave settings thereby deleting all previously-saved copies making them totally inaccessible. Moreover, although Microsoft claims it can recover up to 14 days back, The Hacker News reports the process couldn't be completed successfully according to Proofpoint whose report is cited about the security vulnerability. This puts a big question mark on Microsoft's claim to be able to restore from previous backups forcing the user to rely on local backups or those stored elsewhere on other cloud services.

SOS Click can help you mitigate this attack by enabling you to use its auto save function to create backup copies across all destinations both local and remote. So, when a file gets encrypted due to a ransomeware attack in one place, this file can still be accessible from another place and this is the point in using SOS Click - to ensure just that.

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