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How to use

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1. Set up where you want to save

It is recommended to set up at least one online or remote destination like an e-mail address and/or Google Drive. You may enter the exact path or use the browse button. Please note that if there’s an e-mail address you don’t want to use for a specific file, you may disable it temporarily via the toggle button. This way it will still be there to be used later. You can also enable or disable the auto-save function, keep past versions with a time stamp as well as share settings of the add-in among Word, Excel and PowerPoint if you wish to use the same settings for these applications instead of a separate configuration for each

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2. Once ready, you can save your work

In order to save your work using the add-in, simply head over the the SOS Click icon group and click on the life belt icon to save your file to all configured destinations. A small prompt will appear at the bottom left corner of the respective Microsoft Office application to denote where the file is being saved at. You can also click on the green cogwheel to change settings

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3. An easier way to save

You can add the two SOS Click icons to the Microsoft Office Quick Access Toolbar (QAT for short) so the life belt icon you click on to save can be quickly accessed for instance from Excel as a save_as shortcut button or as a shortcut key to save from Word. Click here for instructions from Microsoft. Please note that on Microsoft Office 2019 the colors of these two icons are different than the ones shown here. Namely, blue and white on Word, green and white on Excel and orange and white on PowerPoint. This is the only difference

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4. Configure your e-mail account

In this window you can configure the e-mail account that will be used to send your document, spreadsheet and presentation. Please note that if your account has 2FA enabled (two-factory authentication), you need to generate an application-specific password in order for the add-on to be able to send mail. Please follow these instructions from Google

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